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Anne O'Shea

My dear, where did you get all the words? When I went back to school and had to write a paper, there were reference books all over the table and I enjoyed writing the paper but where did you get all the words? Wonderful, wonderful.
What fun and what a talent to be able to put all of that on paper in a short time. I am proud of you. Maybe there is a Nobel Prize for you in the future. I'll be reading it again and where did you get all the words? Love from Grandmother..


Oh, my favorite Grandmother, you! Thank you so much for reading my little story and for your "day making" words! Some days are gray and full of work but then your wonderful grandmother reads a little bit of your fun work and it makes your own sun shine!! To answer your question on how I think of the words, I am just a very wordy person!:) Just look at this, I could have just said thank you, I love you! But instead I write a paragraph!:) I'll say it anyway though, thank you, I love you! Have a sun filled day yourself now!

charles white

Erin I think I knew that 1980s mom you were talking about. Also just how many times did you dip your feet in the "forbidden pond"? Great read. Love dad

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