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charles white

Some fact checks and an apology to Montana. You weren't a bad athlete with the ball you were actually fast. But you WERE determined to get to the end of the field come hell or high water. (Run Forrest Run! Stop Forrest Stop!) And that WAS the coldest Fall I can ever remember in Montana but not normal. Another part of the story is actually watching the hot lips got me into coaching girls sports a little bit. A whole other story. Great Post! Love, Dad.


Montana forgives me, we were never really made at each other. All of us Hot Lips did appreciate you taking over the coaching the years after. I don't remember our team name but that's a good thing! Also, you did just compare me to Forest Gump but I'll let that slide! :)

charles white

Forrest was an all american football player after all.


Very good point! I also like chocolate, Dr. Pepper and have quite an extensive knowledge of shrimp dishes. Maybe I should open all those letters Apple keeps sending me!

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